Customer Testimonials


"We’ve done a lot together with Kadro in our day to day operations with eBay and they have been a key partner and at many times our lifeline."Tracy Waki — Director Marketplace,

"Kadro was the partner that intimately learned our vision to build a site experience that had never been built before. They took our insights and strategy and ventured forward on the most modern and innovative eCommerce platform that exists with Magento 2. Their effort and partnership allowed us to leap frog our competition, create new online standard that did not exist in our industry and reach a new national audience on our website as well as on marketplaces."Jonathan Stephens — General Manager, Audio Advice Online

"Kadro worked diligently to help ThunderWorks launch a website that offers a superior UX. They helped us navigate some pretty big eCommerce challenges and delivered turnkey service by coordinating with our design team as well as helping us vet the vast array of extensions available for Magento Enterprise."Todd Cantrell — Vice President of Marketing, ThunderWorks, LLC

"Working with Kadro and Magento Commerce offered the best of both worlds… a dynamic and experienced partner as well as a no hassle, cost effective enterprise platform to drive our business and customer experiences to new horizons."Chris Young — Director of IT – Hallelujah Diet

"We needed a partner to step up to the daily eCommerce challenges we face and provide us the support and experience required to reach our vision. Kadro’s team has been a true asset to our online business with Magento Enterprise and has responded to deliver for our plans around site performance, mobility and strategic eCommerce planning."Gary Houser — President & Founder, Houser Shoes Inc.

"Our team was stuck with a stalled deployment process, non-responsive project management and a lack of eCommerce experience, capacity and consulting we needed in launching our new site to Magento Enterprise. Kadro elevated our effort with the right questions, insights and approach to move our eCommerce plans forward."Darren Cassidy — CEO and CoFounder - ShopVet, VP of Product Development, Net32

"The Kadro team took our business dream and said, 'We’ve been there and will help Woodcraft get there too.' Then they delivered. The end result gave us a unique solution that met all our needs as a corporate entity and gave our franchisee organization new & improved capablities to help their business grow."Kyle Crabtree — Interactive Marketing, Woodcraft Supply

"When working with Kadro, I found a partner that quickly came to understand my business and have the expertise to develop a solution to our vision of what our customer experience should be. Kadro delivered on two objectives for us as a technology partner in providing a customized solution to enable our company for more growth and dramatically enhancing our internal efficiencies."Jim Garman — Founder and President, Garman Homes

"Kadro’s knowledge of Magento, B2B eCommerce and flexibility as a technology partner has enabled us to improve our service to the organizations we support world wide. We look forward to much innovation ahead with both a dynamic partner and platform."Andy Mariella — Senior Director of Global Marketing and Commercial Strategy, Sirchie

"I am so thrilled to have connected with Kadro. In addition to optimizing our email marketing program through Bronto, their partnership has provided us valuable consult. With Kadro's help we have been able to to execute on a variety of e-Commerce and company brand initiatives in an efficient and timely fashion."Richardine OBrien — Vice President, Beyond Health International

"After a referral from Jeffrey Gitomer, I decided to explore how Kadro could help improve my online business in Swim Lessons University. It had been doing mediocre at best since 1999, but I believed I had a product that could easily fill a void in my industry. The problem, I felt, was it just was getting its potential online prescence to finally take off.... That is all changing now thanks to Kadro. In 2010, Swim Lessons University created a partnership with Kadro which may just turn out to be one of the best decisions I've made in my online business career. The guidance I have received from Kadro to help grow my business has been invaluable, not to mention their fantastic customer support, technical support, and even individual guidance and one on one consultations from their CEO, Rick Johnson. Without saying, I recommend Kadro without reservation!"Jim Reiser — Founder and President, Swim Lessons University

"Our experience with Kadro has been very positive. Rick and his team spent a great deal of time learning about our unique business and listening to our needs. This research, along with Kadro's technical competence, resulted in a flexible, dynamic software package that will grow as our business grows. In addition, the system has made our business paperless and has improved relationships and communications with our customers. Kadro has delivered everything they promised, and whenever we have questions or concerns, they have made every effort to provide a quick resolution. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Kadro on existing and future projects."Hank Jones — President, Premier Warehousing Services, Inc.

"Kadro’s team offered an island of tranquility in a sea of insanity as we launched our brand on multi-channel"Aryeh Melaris — CFO, Ramy Brook LLC

"We needed a technology partner to help guide us in creation of a cutting edge mobile technology solution geared to bring positive disruption to an established industry. Kadro fit the bill while providing keen consult, engaged project management and awesome support."Alan Lesesky — President and CEO, Innovative Global Systems

"One of the challenges we faced at Steritech was developing a custom data collection system that was able to meet the rigorous demands of our field auditors and clients. Thanks to Kadro, we were able to successfully deliver a solution. Working under pressing time constraints, the Kadro staff provided superior technical expertise, equipment recommendations, and helpful suggestions that enhanced our original vision and produced, in the end, a premium software solution."Kit Whitley — Marketing Manager, The Steritech Group Inc.

"Reeds Jewelers has been in business for over 65 years but having retail knowledge does not necessarily translate into having a successful website. With Kadro we have a partner that offers direction, planning, and services over a wide variety of E-commerce related fields such as mobile commerce, social media and standard ecommerce solutions. Kadro seeks to anticipate our needs and offer solutions, often before we see the opportunity or problems which enable us to concentrate the bulk of our efforts in our area of expertise, the jewelry industry and our customers. Beyond this Kadro offers us a personalized platform by building modules and adapting their platform to fit our specific needs. A one size fits all solution is not for us - we offer our customers a unique in-store experience and we require a platform and a partner that is flexible and nimble and enables us to have our on-line experience reflect our brand. Kadro offers excellent customer service and support, when I need to talk to someone about an issue I am able to get a live person. The Kadro team has proven to be more than a vendor they have been our partners."Mark deCausmeaker — Director Multi Channel Sales, REEDS Jewelers Inc.

"Kadro has provided us with systems that have been customized and integrated into my business. We have international e-commerce, email marketing, and one of the most robust learning management systems that I have ever seen. Kadro developed it all. Kadro has helped us gain business by providing the highest level of technology combined with the highest level of service. If you're looking to grow your business and stabilize your Internet presence, call Kadro."Jeffrey Gitomer — Founder and CEO, Buy Gitomer Inc.

"I started out in the room over my garage and selling dental instruments out of the trunk of my car. Now we're selling in over 100 countries. Kadro helped me do that. We know how to sell. We needed someone who understood the technology but also understood business to help us get where we wanted to go. Today, my website is a phenomenal success. If you want to have a website, you can call anyone, but if you really want to grow your business with someone who knows what they're doing, understands business, and can make it happen for you, call Kadro, you'll be glad you did."Bob Salvin — Founder and CEO, Salvin Dental Specialties

"I want to thank and congratulate your team on stepping up and helping us deliver on time and on spec. I recognize that adding resources to the Steritech project team is complex and adds risk to each project but with the combined diligence of your team and our IT team, we have executed flawlessly in the eyes of our customer. They have approached us with the opportunity to take on even more of their business in the upcoming months! Please pass on my thanks to your entire team at Kadro for their contribution to getting this done. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to Steritech. I greatly appreciate it."Rich Ennis — President and COO, The Steritech Group Inc.

"At maslansky & luntz we look to bridge the gap of our clients most challenging communication messages and provide information that resonates. With Kadro we found a technology partner that applied a similar approach to provide a solution between a challenging business process and a key efficiency to scale our business. In doing so, Kadro delivered within weeks an integrated solution that our collective team had looked to achieve in several years. We highly endorse Kadro and their team!"Katie-Coral Sicora — maslansky luntz + partners

"In looking for a software solution crucial to our marketing launch we were informed by many that our problem was too complex to solve. Kadro proved to be a partner with both the knowledge to say, "Yes, it can be done." and the ability to deliver in a smooth and efficient process."Ryan Koechel — E-Commerce Manager, Remington Products